Hands-on with Social Media Workshop

By Flying Kite (other events)

Tuesday, September 15 2015 5:30 PM 7:00 PM

Join the Business Association of West Parkside and Witty Gritty, in conjunction with Flying Kite's On the Ground Program, in a hands-on workshop on how to best manage your social media accounts. It can feel overwhelming to vet all your options when it comes to social networking. Posting and engaging on multiple social media platforms can feel like a full-time job! 

How can you make the best use of your time? Which platforms are right for you?

We hope you'll walk away from this interactive workshop with some best practices and tips on creating engaging content, connecting with your online audience, and answering your specific questions both on getting started and optimizing the platforms that are best for your business. 

This workshop is a great follow-up session for attendees of Up Close & Personal With Melinda Emerson.